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A Roomful of Machines by Kristine Ong Muslim

A Roomful of Machines by Kristine Ong Muslim

5 Stars

Having reviewed later editions of this author’s work it is of interest to look upon a reissue of her first collection. Hoping to get a glimpse of progress and development of their style.

Looking at this collection in comparison to her current is to be amazed by the consistency of excellence.

An almost scientific dissection of everyday objects is the nucleus that explodes creative description. One of the great difficulties with writing is that many common themes and ideas have been explored throughout the ages.

The power of being able to create, delight and bring thoughtful reflection is a good summary for this collection.

The title of each poem plays a strong part in being the background thought the reader places in their mind. Similar to a brainstorming session this releases a confetti of ideas/images to marvel at the simplicity of the original title.

Knowing the importance of a strong start to a poetry collection the wave of poems is almost too strong to take. You want to pause and reflect, but also are still keen to want to read more poems.

The poems towards the end display the author’s signature macabre fascinations that will be fully explored in future work. Here they take a more narrative aspect and draw the reader into magical scenes.

If you have an appreciation of art and special talent then you must read this book and follow this author’s continued excellence.

a room full of machines

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