Entwined Mystery Press Release


Entwined Mystery by Louis Cecile

Can you imagine a poetic story?

A new poetry collection in a narrative format. Encompassing entwined tales.

London, England – 19 February 2013 – A story allows you to visualise a poetic story makes you imagine. What connections will you form and where will it lead you? What will you imagine from what you read?

My new book “Entwined Mystery” published by Lulu.com is written to utilise poetry in a narrative form. I specifically wanted to engage the reader to be in continual thought and to form the links between each poem as it told a tale. Taboo subjects are used as they provide a depth of language rather than merely shocking the reader.

The book is available via the following link: http://amzn.to/2eqndIe

Louis Cecile

Louis Cecile (1978 -) was born in London to Seychellois parents, grew up in East London. He has been writing for 15 years. His first book ‘Thoughts in Rhyme’ released in 2008 has had various poems selected for publication in anthologies by Forward Poetry, including placement in the British Library. He has trained and worked as an aromatherapist. His influences are; samurai tradition, aromatherapy, psychology, London, religion, working world, relationships, death, abuse, paranormal, music, film and the media.