Half Past by Cindy Santos

Half Past by Cindy Santos

3 Stars

In this author’s second book similar issues occur from what is a promising story. The confines of a short story format limit the overall impact and development.

The story deals with time symbolically as the title and clock imagery in the beginning suggest. In particular with the speed of time as we age and how time retains the memory of tragedy.

The main character Dolores is affected by what happened to a lover and all her surroundings emphasize this point. Dolores is a well developed character in showing her sensitivity and troubles moving on with life. With some subtle tones of inner anger slowly released throughout the story.

Her hangups in the dating scene is an interesting part that ends far too quickly in the story. Which is a common recurring theme of good setups by the author that move too rapidly to be truly enjoyed the reader.

One of the longer parts reflects on social commentary on the Iraq war by the character, which is noble and agreeable. However though it has context with the story it feels unnecessary with a self-righteous tone.

The end of the story is highly emotional in its tone, as expected, but you are left expecting more. There is an overriding sense that the entire book is a good chapter one needing to be continued.

Though frustrating in that you want more there is an underlying skill getting this feeling from the reader. A book series feels like the perfect recommended format for the author to fully develop her writing skills.

In conclusion an interesting concept in the wrong format to fully be appreciated.

half past