Just: A Sign of the Times by Katie Lewington

Just: A Sign of the Times by Katie Lewington

4 Stars

An observational poetry collection dealing with the common themes of everyday life angsts. Woven together to describe scenes and reflections.

There is a sense of walking along in the poet’s environment and bring narrated to by the poems.

Using a non-rhyme style the poems follow a mixture of narrative and standard poetic format. Either describing or discussing a theme/point with a fade out finish.

Initially the start begins with a piece that is supposed to be strong, but feels overlong and tiresome. The depressive state though well handled in places, loses its force due to the length.

Despite this the remainder of the collection sticks to regular standard poetic lengths and grows in effect. A particular standout is ‘Screwed’ that describes the emotional play of unemployment on a character. Well paced for a dramatic finish.

There is a distinct mix of love, everyday life and reflections on the art of writing. The shift towards the end of the collection show a slight fatigue with some filler poems. Focusing on writing and emotions. The reduction in length of the poems a sign that ideas are slowly waning.

The last poem ending with the title of the book and acknowledgment of the fears and hopes most writers feel.

In essence a well observed collection that allows the reader into the poet’s world. A highly recommended read.

Just A sign of the times