Book Review Policy

Please read the information below before submitting a request for a book review.  

PDF is the format I am willing to accept. I do not accept unfinished or unpublished books. I also do not accept self-help books or long novels (over 300 pages).  No guest posts requests will be accepted.

When submitting your book, please state the following:

  • Type of Poetry/Short Story
  • Synopsis
  • link to your websiteGoodreadsAmazon or Barnes and Noble

I do not classify myself as a professional reviewer, but as an enthusiast offering to support upcoming poetry writers.

All reviews are balanced and will be posted on this blog, relevant online retailer and my magazine. If you are merely looking for a 5-star review and not strong enough to take potential negative feedback, please consider seeking another reviewer.  If your book will not gain a favourable review (2 stars or lower) you will be informed with an option to have it posted or not.

Due to the number of requests received, I will only respond to those books I am willing to review. I will tend to select books of interest, but this does not guarantee a positive review.

For the topics of religious, spiritual and inspirational work, I require a sample beforehand as previous material sent has tended to be limiting in subject matter.

If you think you have a book that would be of interest for me to review, please use the contact form below: