The Nut House Poems by Darren Stein

The Nut House Poems by Darren Stein 4 Stars Often poetry is at its best when the emotion of the poet is poured out onto paper or the poems strike strong feelings in… Continue reading

It’s Time to Wake Up!: Poems and Messages that inspire the black experience by Marie Yvette

It’s Time to Wake Up!: Poems and Messages that inspire the black experience by Marie Yvette 3 Stars Poetry is often a vehicle for releasing emotion and stating an opinion on the world… Continue reading

2014 blog annual report

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 930 times in 2014.… Continue reading

The Kiss by Erica M Christensen

The Kiss (The Addison Series) by Erica M Christensen 4 Stars A very modern take on the romance book with a style of language that reads like a friend telling you the story with… Continue reading

Grim Series: Poems by Kristine Ong Muslim

Grim Series: Poems by Kristine Ong Muslim 5 Stars “The beauty of pain is in its execution” A stanza from this dark series of poetry that is perfect to summarize the review of… Continue reading

Lost my Olive lost my life along with it by K K Smithereens

Lost my Olive lost my life along with it  by K K Smithereens 3 Stars A collection of poetry that frustrates and interests at the same time. The typical sentiments of love and lost repeatedly… Continue reading

Broken Silence by Gennaro Episcopo

Broken Silence by Gennaro Episcopo 3 Stars A  poetry collection that states it focuses on those moments of silents that reveal more than we realize, however whilst reading a different aspect comes to mind.… Continue reading

Dante’s Amulet by Melinda De Ross

Dante’s Amulet by Melinda De Ross 4 Stars An interesting romantic tale that follows the lead of many with a blistering start to slowly lose its intensity. The beauty of the beginning is two unlikely… Continue reading

Callback from the Muse: Poems by Michael La Ronn

Callback from the Muse: Poems by Michael La Ronn 3 Stars Reading the author’s afterword dictated the beginning of this review as it mentions a common scenario for many new writers in poetry. Trying to… Continue reading

A Touch of Poetry by Melinda De Ross

A Touch of Poetry by Melinda De Ross 3 Stars There is a dream like spiritual sense to this small collection of poems. They are connected in subject matter and use of language that envelop… Continue reading