Feelings by Garfield Whyte

Feelings by Garfield Whyte 3 Stars There is a poem in this collection that reflects on the statement that poets are born not made. This is an interesting thought and raises issues on… Continue reading

A Raven’s Touch by Linda Bloodworth

A Raven’s Touch by Linda Bloodworth In most books there are elements that have been replayed in many tales. Making the need to write well or change the narrative to make it different… Continue reading

2015 Annual Report

Been a pleasure continuing doing book reviews, hope to read more good material in 2016. Here is the report: https://louiville.wordpress.com/2015/annual-report/ 

Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam

Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam 4 Stars A serious collection of poetry that forces the reader to take into the consideration the work with a respect for the craft. This can feel… Continue reading

Next stop: Nina by Robin Raven

Next stop: Nina by Robin Raven 4 Stars A story and style that beautifully fit each other for a compelling read. There is a weaving metaphor of the continuing relentless replay of negative… Continue reading

Half Past by Cindy Santos

Half Past by Cindy Santos 3 Stars In this author’s second book similar issues occur from what is a promising story. The confines of a short story format limit the overall impact and… Continue reading

A Roomful of Machines by Kristine Ong Muslim

A Roomful of Machines by Kristine Ong Muslim 5 Stars Having reviewed later editions of this author’s work it is of interest to look upon a reissue of her first collection. Hoping to… Continue reading

Just: A Sign of the Times by Katie Lewington

Just: A Sign of the Times by Katie Lewington 4 Stars An observational poetry collection dealing with the common themes of everyday life angsts. Woven together to describe scenes and reflections. There is… Continue reading

Sexual Orientation isn’t, Mr Simpleton by Roshini Shetty

Sexual Orientation isn’t, Mr Simpleton by Roshini Shetty 4 Stars Despite a traumatic plot twist the overall concept on what is inherent and what is learned drives in the background of the story.… Continue reading

Poetry from the heart by Terry L Lawrence

Poetry from the heart by Terry L Lawrence 3 Stars A poetry collection that ebbs and flows trying to find it self like the emotional content on display. Despite the early theme and… Continue reading