Flower on the Wall

Flower on the Wall What is your story I can guess Blessed be thy name Holy is the ground What has fallen What is left Only a flower That fades with every coming… Continue reading


Can you forgive Not me I mean you What have you done to be so low Are you so bad you need a life sentence When I look at you should you turn… Continue reading

The first touch

Time stands still Stars come out at daylight For a moment I have a vision Homeostasis flows through the body A glow divine I am now weakened Yet I endure marvelled on this… Continue reading

Slave Master

The relationship between master and slave

The Flower

Poem about letting yourself be open to love

Dark night kiss

The mystery of evil What a life it implores Deception of reality with instant ramification Look towards it with no condemnation A price to pay Devoured with little delay Can you touch it… Continue reading

What can you see

We mainly realize it when were alone with it Everyday it remains atmospheric Easily forgotten It naturally rises Serendipity to appreciate often is too late When it falls down Do we look to… Continue reading

The Boy

Poem about living for the now.