Night and day no sweet song Life stands still nothing going on Minutes are hours Hours are days What can I do to make it today Be still my thoughts Be active I’m… Continue reading


Infectious smile has infected tears The laughter strikes with spears I am not dear and they are not sincere Feeling fear I must perform For when I stop the stage is gone


The age of check in What do we bring today Past or future So scared of lost we would rather refrain from leaving the ground A look inside reveals Yet we still carry… Continue reading

The Window 2

Stop and stare at the journey you unwittingly share The pain in the eyes of the boy who intensely stares Will the world let him in Though he shuts himself in He grins… Continue reading

The Window

Just looking out of the window As night becomes day People look up to see my dismay What can I say what can I do Day after day wandering what to do Simply… Continue reading

Sun, Moon and the Stars

Original star with omnipotent power Worship and honour emblazing I am Ra Darkness diminishes from my ray of light Twilight star following you from afar Candle flickers against the night As curtain glides… Continue reading

Dream state

I live in a world of dreams Unseen not been My thoughts provide a place to hide unseen From the world become I light Remain in light the eagle takes flight I am… Continue reading

Wake up

I wake up and see her Nonchalantly viewing her beauty I turn to her Her eyes barely flitter Failing to meet mine I gaze and sit there I kiss her lips know warmth… Continue reading

Winter Flame

Winter Flame brings new essence Don’t leave effervescent Surround my favourite pronoun enflame Your tongue releases words showing much pain Take flight and soar I love you ever more The beauty that nurtures… Continue reading

Poem for Sweet Valya: Journey to the East

Rebirth for love Reunited with true self No longer poor in spirit I had eternal wealth Reawakened heart An inner glow Releases a natural flow Our souls to mate Remembered memories run parallel… Continue reading