Internal combustion Prolongs the interlude A yearly minute opens the spirit Enter the light for inner peace The realm of the deceased A message dark A recovery hour Returns lost power Advertisements

Meaning of life

A meaning of life The eternal search Can be seen out the window on a perch Nature thinks little The flow of the spirit is simple A mind not reclined Is unable to… Continue reading

Water runs Free

Spiral into a stream The barometer of self esteem Into the whirlpool Getting lower The destination is nowhere Duly sunken Intoxicated yet not drunken Let life pass through your eyes As you gently… Continue reading

Angels like Demons

Angels like demons, Though I was born a cherub, pure breed in divinity I believed My thoughts are innocent, truly duty bound to my infinite master An oracle professes, those who pray to… Continue reading


When you are dismissed from at an early age It feels like being put in a cage No nourishment leads to rot You dream as child a sleep in the cot Spirit flies… Continue reading


Night and day no sweet song Life stands still nothing going on Minutes are hours Hours are days What can I do to make it today Be still my thoughts Be active I’m… Continue reading


Infectious smile has infected tears The laughter strikes with spears I am not dear and they are not sincere Feeling fear I must perform For when I stop the stage is gone


The age of check in What do we bring today Past or future So scared of lost we would rather refrain from leaving the ground A look inside reveals Yet we still carry… Continue reading

The Window 2

Stop and stare at the journey you unwittingly share The pain in the eyes of the boy who intensely stares Will the world let him in Though he shuts himself in He grins… Continue reading

The Window

Just looking out of the window As night becomes day People look up to see my dismay What can I say what can I do Day after day wandering what to do Simply… Continue reading