My Town

This is my town I believe I own it It owns me yet apart I can be free I know him and her I remember sitting by the tree I can tell you… Continue reading

Remember me

Do you know who I am Laid to rest is the forgotten man Attention that most sought word One day like any other There is no cover Transparent without mention I holler to… Continue reading


I am replaceable as a glass vase If it shatters would it matter A look at the reflection Casts a shadow Hollow is the sound Glass is not unique New shapes and colours… Continue reading

My Smile

I can’t smile anymore I look around waiting for the sound True nature surrounds a moment for bliss I still look around waiting for a sound I can’t smile anymore A story told… Continue reading

Pressure Performance

On the Astral field from above I gaze with a stare mimicked across the boundary Written is perfection The lost in spoken is contrite Surreal environment supposed to entice Judgement on my pose… Continue reading


I replay to remember A gift of joy that also brings sorrow We as humans wonder so much It seems so close to feel the dream Sensual sensors awaken the touch Am I… Continue reading


Going backwards In the opposite direction Long from the right path Cannot see where to go An alternate reality in reverse May be a curse Or does it provide an insight to an… Continue reading


Multicoloured delicious Turns me from kind to vicious I cannot escape this artificial high My eyes hurt and I turn from the sky A flavour intense I lose common sense Dispense my age… Continue reading


I live my life in yesterday The torment brings tomorrow My sorrow plays a melody Why I cry Walk by the river I want to die Sigh because I am weary Can anyone… Continue reading

Which love

Two loves different Yet they remain indifferent I can’t stand in the way The way they react ready to attack Me in the middle now in the back Torn between the two What… Continue reading