Louis Cecile Poetry Books

Thoughts in Rhyme

Thoughts in rhyme portray the vision of child to adult trying to make sense of the world he lives in. His simple mind and simple rhymes help in his survival in this world.

Retails from $1.79

Entwined Mystery

Entwined Mystery is a poetic collection of poems forming a narrative tale. 4 main stories are delivered that cover topics such as race, pornography, social networking and crime. Is there a connection. It is up to the reader to decide

Retails from $5.53

Symphony in Nature

Following input from a fan, Symphony in Nature is a dedicated poetry collection. Focusing on the many elements of nature and the impact it holds on the world. There is a natural rhythm to nature that is often hidden. We take much for granted and sometimes misuse a most loving relationship.

Retails for Free

Porn Star Poetry

Porn Star Poetry is a poetic collection charting the return of the Mindy Marvel. Showcasing her wild life and thoughts as a top adult movie star. Mindy delights in teasing her audience as much as the actors she works with. Her words will caress and leave you wanting more.

Retails from $1.42

Twisted Spiral

In the last moments of life, you look back and figure out the present.

This is the reflection for this poetry collection on the addiction of drugs.

A twisted spiral experiencing the highs and many lows

Retails for FREE


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