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Dreaming of Lemon Trees

Dreaming of Lemon Trees: Selected Poems by Francis DiClemente

5 Stars

The beauty of poetry is in the nature of how it is up for the reader to interpret the content. This collection feels like it entwines life, philosophy, religion and remembrance. The author takes you on a journey of what is happening at these moments of his life.

He mainly uses non-rhyme poetry with narrative poems. There is a story-telling element that gives you a voyeuristic feeling. The book is well balanced with confident pacing of an established writer.

The collection begins with shorter poems before increasing the pacing with longer more descriptive pieces. There is the repetition of themes to highlight and change the emphasis on points raised.

My personal favourite was the poem named Revelation. A short poem where each line impacts and the imagery it conjures perfectly ends with a point for reflection.

The poet shares painful images of human suffering that is quite apt for this time. There are themes of sport and events that give a delightful reminiscent feeling. While reading, you will often stop and think of similar times.

Some poems do not deliver as intended. The times when he changes his perspective on a theme with two poems produce only one winner. However, overall it is a well-produced, balanced and paced collection of poetry for enjoyable reading.

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