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Masterpiece in Your Heart by S Sulianah

Masterpiece in Your Heart by S Sulianah

4 Stars

This poetry collection follows that popular theme amongst poets that is love. This handled with a sense of refinement and polish by the author. With a well-designed book format that is vibrant and appealing.

The length and pacing of the collection are perfect for what the poet wishes to share. Interestingly there are poems tailored onto popular songs by a well-known artist. The poems use a free verse and non-rhyming style.

Moving onto the real beauty of the collection, which is in the writing. The poet captures scenes and moments then explores them in poetry. It has a magical feel of transporting you into that moment, which for the theme of love is essential.

There is a slow build-up to the key sentiment of the poem and then you basked in it before it gently ends. The poet is clearly at home with this style and uses it continuously throughout the collection.

The poet is clearly the narrator giving you a touch of sentimental scenes. There are slight deviations from the theme of love with a look at friendship towards the end of the collection. However, it can be argued friendship is a form of love as well.

Overall a delightful collection that is well put together and transports you to those most moving moments in life.

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