Sensual Rhapsody: Erotic poetry and artwork by David Russell

Sensual Rhapsody: Erotic poetry and artwork by David Russell

4 Stars

This collection has a delightful charm despite what you might initially imagine it may offer. Surprisingly there is a singular running theme of erotic descriptions in a beach and swimsuit atmosphere.

This an interesting choice of background for displaying varying and similar erotic poetry. You may think this will become repetitive, but again the overall charm in the writing keeps you entertained. The author must sense he could only continue this for a short time, which may be the reason why the collection is suitably short.

The overriding theme is briefly stopped by odes to Madonna and Lana Turner respectively. The Madonna odes in particular slightly stop the flow as it seems out of place compared to the Lana Turner poem.

More importantly, moving onto the poems they use a non-rhyme style. They are descriptive in tone without being graphic or too adult in language. Leaving the reader to use their own imagination picture the scene. There is a conversational style to the poems like capturing a scene of lovers at their intimate moments.

This is potentially the reason why this collection works well as it gives you a voyeuristic nature to visual love on a not so secret beach.

An enjoyable collection that is a perfect summer holiday read or for those moments of relaxation.