Chook Named Chuck Has Amazing Luck (Friendship Series Book 3) by Kimberley Kleczka

Chook Named Chuck Has Amazing Luck (Friendship Series Book 3) by Kimberley Kleczka

5 Stars

This children’s book beams with positivity and fun. This the hallmark for keeping children entertained and providing a message to promote acceptance.

On a deeper level, this book deals with acceptance, tolerance, self-worth and self-confidence. Obviously, these are terms children will fully appreciate as they grow older.

More importantly, it is a fun story. Dealing with a bird with a special talent that feels different to the rest of the community. Through its journey, it learns to accept its talent and make a difference.

The writing style is simple rhyming couplets that maintain a bouncy feel. There is nothing over complex to confuse the audience and it puts a smile on your face.

The art style is bold and bright that instantly draws your attention. The length of the story is perfectly weighted to maintain interest and entertain.

A highly recommended book to share with your young children with a positive message of appreciating individual uniqueness.