Sidewalk Stories by Francis DiClemente

Sidewalk Stories by Francis DiClemente

4 Stars

In reflection, when finishing this poetry collection the main word that comes to mind is sage. There is a sense of going on a journey of an American landscape and being given introspections by a wiser soul. Like most people who are led and told information, it depends on your personality whether you wish to hear it fully.

There is a mixture of styles in this collection that have an impact on pacing. With muses from the beginning, it gives a slow start allowing you to take a look around at the author is trying to convey. The pace then quickens with more traditional non-rhyme poetry that tackles the everyday subjects of life.

Poets often reflect on why they are both mesmerised and partake in writing poetry. The author again muses on these concepts in section three of the collection with a beautiful beginning incorporating the one and only Charles Bukowski.

Love and imagery dictate the last sections with a particularly advisory note being the tone in section 4. The final section focuses slightly more on metaphors, but there is an interesting underlying bleakness in the subject. There is a sense of despondency following this journey through life. With the title of the last poem being of particular importance to this shift in mood.

There is a depth to this collection that requires a re-read to ensure you capture the points of the sage on this fascinating journey. The imagery and poetic sections shine brightest and the muses tend to pause the pace for thinking. At the end of reading this collection, you will certainly have much to contemplate.