Little Red Brittle Star by Michelle de Villiers

Little Red Brittle Star by Michelle de Villiers

4 Stars

This a delightful picture book that delivers wonderful imagery both in the words and art. With a poetic tone to the language, all elements work in tandem to provide a quite deep story for children to unpick.

The tale is of sea star named Ophi who dreams of being a real star. This underlays many concepts that relate to childhood, from dreams, acceptance, envy to perseverance. They are quite powerful themes, but they are woven into the story in a gentle manner.

The ending has a slight degree of tension and fear but brings a metamorphosis that rewards perseverance.

The art style is equally impressive. Ranging from childlike pastels to bright broad strokes. There is an energy to the pictures that complement the rising tension and pacing of the story.

The parallels between the sea and sky are explored in the writing. With the use of mythological and astrological names for the well-studied. With such a bombardment of imagery, it is certainly worth reading to ensure you take in the story in full.

An impressive read and though the audience is young it has lessons even for older readers.