Thy Paintbrush to Abstracting Images by Shavonda Robinson

Thy Paintbrush to Abstracting Images by Shavonda Robinson

4 Stars

An interesting collection of poetry that initially starts slow and then scatters frequent gems to show the poet’s underlying talent.

Poetry, in general, explores similar themes and sentiments that take a skilled author to capture the attention of the reader. The themes here are of love, religion, life, art and nature in both senses of the word.

The poetry here uses a non-rhyme style that plays the usual fine line of touching close to prose. This gives the closer feeling of the poet writing directly to you. The poems in relation to real life showcase the talent of the poet to excite in her writing. ‘Charisma Lady’ being the first gem that flows extremely well after the slow beginning I earlier mentioned. Capturing urban life and displaying a wonderful sense of rhythm with perfect pacing.

Poem selection is frequently the hardest area to get right for a collection as you inevitably have weaker poems following stronger pieces. This is the case in this collection as there is often a stop and start feeling while reading. That can deter the natural poetic flow. The poems themed on religion, in my opinion, are much weaker. Losing the imagery she portrays in other poems. This may be the case of the subject being too close to the heart of the poet.

The collection is just a fraction too long for all that is trying to achieve and this is mainly due to poem selection. However, putting these critiques aside it is an enjoyable varied poetry collection. There is a subtle urban feel, which brings that real life aspect where the poet shines that is mixed with a more traditional abstract poetry. Certainly recommended for reading and a poet to follow who can clearly develop even further.