Inner Demons by Lisa Fox

Inner Demons by Lisa Fox

4 Stars

At the heart of this book is the concepts of good vs evil and love conquering all. However, the set-up for this story can be confusing at times. Twisting and turning to give a slightly different look at these universal concepts. A brave story that seeks to achieve much, but with some refinement would be even stronger.

There are three main arcs to this story that begins with a couple destined for tragedy. The quick closure to their introductions brings a sense of loss to being more invested in their journey.

The second arc brings the two main characters being Aimee who is attached to a bad relationship and burdened with tough decision-making becoming a constant theme in her life. Then there is Ben, who despite the horror/paranormal theme of the story is a knight in shining armour character who is unable to save in an expected way during the story.

The third arc takes the story into the paranormal realm to merge the stories and increase the tension on the characters. It also raises some questions on reincarnation and its consequences.

As mentioned in the beginning the author is taking on a lot of themes and for the most part, raises these well. The story does change at a rapid pace at times, leaving little time to digest what is happening. That does impact on character development for side characters.

Though overall it is the bravery to create what is essentially a slight twist on the tale of love in a paranormal setting that makes it a compelling read.