The Passing of Brahm McFee by E.V. Dawson

The Passing of Brahm McFee by E.V. Dawson

4 Stars

This children’s visual poetry book is a simple delight that is beautifully crafted. The premise of this book is the following of journey of Brahm during the Gold Rush period in North America.

Using often either an ABAB or AABB end rhyme structure each step of the journey is gently advanced before the conclusion. Intertwined with the bold visual pictures it has the appeal of mimicking a cautionary bedtime story.

The pacing is short and fast. Though the book can be finished in ten minutes it achieves what it sets out to portray. The shortness of the poems is like being placed in the characters field of vision as he proceeds forward.

It has the feel to be re-read, in case you felt you missed something while speedily transversing through each page. The language due to the audience is neither dense or complex. With enough imagery to build the scene well in young minds.

Overall a nice poetry tale for sharing and introducing children to the delights of poetry. Of course, a fuller collection would be welcome. However, as a one tale poetry book, it is sufficient.