The Job Blower by Melinda De Ross

The Job Blower by Melinda De Ross

4 Stars

This is an atypical romantic comedy that is just not brave enough to continue its light-hearted comedic first half. The entire set-up and events all border on the realms of fantasy that satisfy this audience. Though set in the real world it is unlikely such events would take place in tandem, however, this is what the reader expects.

The book is about a highly accident prone woman who has a skill in losing low-skilled jobs and on-route will stumble upon her knight in shining armour. With little surprises and each scene fairly obvious in its set-up, it takes a skilled author to keep you reading on.

The comedic interplay and conversational manner are of the author’s usual high standard. There is a high school type feel to the banter and language. The speed of each disaster moves swiftly and laughs aplenty can be found. Making the book a delightful escapism.

The knight is fragile and a master romantic at the same time when introduced. The developing interconnection between the lovers is handled delicately and with realism, especially with the deep sadness the man holds.

Unfortunately, the great comedic beginning has to make way for a threat to the romance and a drama has to take place. However, this plot twist is so unwarranted that even the characters brought in feel confused by it. With little time to fully develop them like the lead characters, it does feel very forced to help close the story.

This is a general weakness of such books, though readers continue to follow as it is all a fantasy to take them out of reality. The author shows great strength in light-hearted comedic interplay. Though there is a sense of falling into type for the sake of pleasing her audience when there is a scope to develop further. When writing in this autopilot mode it can satisfy, but not expand the skills she truly is cable of.

In summary this a straight forward romcom that has a zany fun-filled first half followed by an atypical end that is enough to provide a good quick read. For critics like myself, we demand more but for the genre, this is sufficient for its purpose.