The Scheme by Ash Thakur

The Scheme by Ash Thakur

4 Stars

This story revolves around a financial advisor who’s business dealings get the better of him and force him to make choices that will impact his life.

The story has a simple set-up and each turn is easily seen by the reader. The author has the skill of writing with such simplicity about the proceedings that the impact of scenes can not feel as strongly as intended. However, this may be a reflection of the mindset of the main character, Julian, who follows a procedural life for his own selfish needs.

The entire focus is on Julian and other characters have a hard time in sharing the limelight. One character that does well is Sonia. She is a typical femme fatale that draws in guys going through a crisis. The interplay between the two is well done and she flutters in between the story to provide the necessary spark.

Though the character has a partner and friend. They’re interactions though necessary, feel less strong in terms of conversation. There is a running sense of overall coldness to the story and emotions seem forced at times.

This feeling in a strange way becomes a charm for the story that is quite atypical. The weird reactions and obvious plot twists fall in line with the overall tone.

The lack of justice and naivety of the ending is perfect. Leaving the sense of bewilderment that differs from many stories. It is perfect in a way to tell a story that is played out many times in newspapers or crime shows.

By focusing on the puzzling character, Julian, and his loose morals it becomes a fascinating study of a disillusioned man. With his path being clear for all to see except for him, this is what makes this an interesting read.