Shots Fired in the Melting Pot by T.C. Clover

Shots Fired in the Melting Pot by T.C. Clover

4 Stars

An interesting tale focused on the backstory of characters involved in a reality show. Each individual back story mixes a sliding scale of likely and unlikely scenarios.  The format of the book entwines each tale to lead to the main arc of the story.  Why the characters have been chosen and placed in this show and what will ignite is a constant suspense the author does well to maintain from the beginning till the end.

With so much going on in all the characters lives it can be quite a task to maintain focus on all that is going. This can lead to focus on those characters you truly enjoy and wish that their section is continued for your selfish pleasure.  However there is a method to the constant moving between each back story as it leads to a quite shocking plot twist that aids to focus attention and connect the different story lines.

There is a diversity of characters from differing cultures. There is a stereotypical element to their mannerisms and the predicaments they have been placed in. The author after stating their ethnic origin continues to state for example ‘the Japanese man did this or that’, which seems unnecessary once the race has already been defined. Though this does not deter from the enjoyment of the story.

The real strength of this story is how everything is pieced together like a puzzle that is slowly revealed to intrigue and fascinate the reader. The female characters in particular are mixture of sensitivity, strength and for one character utilising sexual prowess.

The end of the story seems completely audacious in its concept. Yet it is explained to make you feel there may be some substance to its description in this most mad of world’s. Upon finishing the first thought is to let it settle and then reread to look for aspects you may have missed.

Overall a fascinating read that verges on fantasy at times to combine all elements to leave the reader wishing to be sure they have unraveled the tale well. Another a thought is that the story has the makings of a good movie from the script like style at times in the writing. Stronger dialogue would be required for such a transition due to some generalisation and typecast elements of the writing in periods.

A highly recommended read for contemplation.

Shots Fired