Feelings by Garfield Whyte

Feelings by Garfield Whyte

3 Stars

There is a poem in this collection that reflects on the statement that poets are born not made.

This is an interesting thought and raises issues on the poet.  With this collection it is clear nurturing is needed to improve the poet. An atypical collection dealing with feelings, love, thoughts and the craft. Which is fine in principle, however with this being a general starting point for many a poet, something different becomes a requirement.

Throughout the collection there are nice elements and sentiments.  Included in this collection are numerous photos that are very similar and rarely change to highlight the work. Which in a way is a reflection of the collection.

The strong points are the beginning poems that have short gentle focus on subjects of love that help transport the reader. The pictures are nice, though not entirely necessary.  Often providing a distraction at the times. A little more focus on poem selection and pacing as is often the case would strengthen this piece of work.

There are religious elements and sentiments that come through, which may possibly work to further enflame the passion of the poet. How the poet proceeds from here would be interesting. Rather than repeating themes mentioned earlier in the book it would be more interesting to see the poet maintain the delicate form from his promising beginning.

In summary a glimpse into the feelings of a poet that needs to be shaken from the daze that leads the collection that was at first an interesting ride.