A Raven’s Touch by Linda Bloodworth

A Raven’s Touch by Linda Bloodworth

In most books there are elements that have been replayed in many tales. Making the need to write well or change the narrative to make it different imperative.

This book has the premise of being written well without doing anything too different, which in itself is not a bad thing.

In essence a familiar story of a coming of age for the main character that is mixed with loyal friendships and a forbidden love. The main character is Justice a female heroine who is a typical teenager that happens to go through a constant trail of difficult scenarios. An almost cursed sense of misfortune follows her like a dark cloud throughout the story.

This obviously drains the character and of course love is the key for support. Whether that comes from friends or a lover.

The beginning plays really strong with various high school antagonisers drawing sympathy and empathy simultaneously depending on your life experience. The writer seems to sense the fatigue element of the break in the story between the next set piece. Just as the characters woes or trivial talk gets tiresome, a sudden impact alerts the reader from any sense of lull.

The story switches to a magical change that moves the story to the fantasy genre. Often symbolic of the switch from puberty to adulthood. The format continues of a break before a new plot turn.
The love interest is an interesting play of an experienced lover with what is a fresh faced young adult in the character Justice. They dominate proceedings and some of the other established characters fade into the background.

The new antagoniser is delightfully evil and there is a sense of loss when she is out scene, but you know she is coming soon to cause fresh pain. Due to this being a series, you can except other characters and back stories will be further explained. Whether they have enough pull from the main leads is another question.

The surprises are little telegraphed and as mentioned the set up before a new plot turn could be a stronger, especially in terms of the dialogue. However this is overall a well written story that gives enough investment for readers to continue with the next part in the series.

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