Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam

Flashes of Emotion by Augustine Sam

4 Stars

A serious collection of poetry that forces the reader to take into the consideration the work with a respect for the craft. This can feel intimidating at first thought there are brief moments of lighthearted subjects to ease the concentration.

This is quite rare to see in poetry collections that usually have a wave emotions. Which is ironic when looking at the title of this book.

The beginning is quite dense with a heavy pacing. Amusingly labelled Lips and Wit. By the time of reaching the poem Italian cemetery there is a sense of feeling overburdened.

Pacing is important to collections as I have stated on many occasions. The author switches to musings of life and my particular favourite piece is called ‘Lonely Nights’. Flipping the common held view of loneliness and showing how this quiet time is powerful in creativity. The ninja metaphor is used intelligently to bringing mystery and excitement.

The third section is labelled palpitations and is as it sounds to do with affairs of the heart. Rather than gushing with poetic romantic language it maintains the serious tone. With hints of a wise head stating the finer points of what happens when love takes hold.

The final section of the book is eclipsed by one powerful poem called ‘Prejudice’. Beautiful in highlighting how the prejudice look stigmatises, but cannot be removed like wearing foreign looking clothes. Quite a poem for the times we are under and it effortlessly makes it point with a simple metaphor. Its strengths resonates as you continue to read to a distracted end.

There is a classic style to the writing using a varied tempo that is essentially slow paced to appreciate the words on display. Each poem reveals extensive detail of the subject like a lecture by a distinguished professor.

As a lover of delightful wordplay and rhythm it was quite refreshing to be taken out of my comfort zone by this collection. The writing led me out this default and still entertained with an appreciation for the art on display.

Thus this is a thoughtful well crafted collection that I recommend for your reading pleasure.

Flashes of emotions