Next stop: Nina by Robin Raven

Next stop: Nina by Robin Raven

4 Stars

A story and style that beautifully fit each other for a compelling read. There is a weaving metaphor of the continuing relentless replay of negative thoughts in a depressive mind and revisiting your past life.

The tortured mind of the lead character Nina and her self-doubts spiral to what seems an inevitable conclusion. However the story transports Nina back through time on what appears to be an endless loop.

The author utilises this technique well to explore the backstory of the character and the strain she puts herself under. Though as if often the cure for such mental suffering, finding love and more importantly inner love brings peace to the character.

This looping continues to peel layers to develop the character. However towards the end the effect begins to wane and feel a little overused.

An interesting technique used by the author is short chapters that give a diary like feel to the book. Only increasing in length when the story dictates. Though towards the end the length gets shorter whether this is intentional or simply the author running out of ideas is debatable.

The love interest in the book has a connection to the story and character that is a welcome twist. There is a significant age gap that gives him that experienced calming effect on Nina. With a sense of intoxicating charm that leading men require.

Overall a delightful book of self discovery and seeking love to move on to enjoy life. Highly recommend reading.

Next stop Nina