Sexual Orientation isn’t, Mr Simpleton by Roshini Shetty

Sexual Orientation isn’t, Mr Simpleton by Roshini Shetty

4 Stars

Despite a traumatic plot twist the overall concept on what is inherent and what is learned drives in the background of the story.

Dealing with the Asian marriage culture and how this impacts on the psyche is the fascinating initial start. Moving swiftly to the antagonist of the story shrouded in a mystery that the reader will be amazed to discover.

The plot twist is dramatically led and the writing sensitively deals with the array emotions it portrays for the lead character.

Aakanksha the lead is a beautifully blended character. With a mixture of youth, wisdom, fear, pride, strength, spirituality and creativity.

Glimpses into the work of Aakanksha through her writing allows the reader delve deeper into her mind. Giving a stronger emotional connection to the reason why she reacts how she does.

Discussions on society’s judgment on beauty and fascination with the female play a key part of the story and conflictions in the atmosphere.

As the mystery behind the incident is revealed the story evolves into what is the driver of the book. Moving into an almost essay mode, which is often difficult to do well without it appearing to feel like a lecture. For the most part it works as the subject is interesting though it slightly overstates the point.

It raises the question of sexual orientation of where it begins and ends. This alone could be a book in itself and forming part of the final part leaves you with a high degree of thoughts.

A very refreshing piece of work that is well written and exposes you to further internal discussion.

Mr Simpleton