Poetry from the heart by Terry L Lawrence

Poetry from the heart by Terry L Lawrence

3 Stars

A poetry collection that ebbs and flows trying to find it self like the emotional content on display.

Despite the early theme and overall tone of despair, confusion with life, depression and sadness the lighter tones are the true highlights.

There is a repetition of the word hell and mirror throughout. Referencing self-reflection and a sense of pain about the world. Such sentiments can drain the reader if not handled well or expressed in varying styles. This line is not often crossed due to author changing the subject at just the right time to appease the reader.

Midway through the collection light and dark poems take turns that is quite interesting until it loses the initial impact. If this could have been maintained it would have certainly strengthened the book.

The lighter tones as mentioned are on the universal term of love both the adoration and loss it brings. The emotional content is inspiring and certainly feel like they come from the heart as the book title states. With greater use of language these lighter poems are surprisingly the strong point, despite the focus on darker content.

There is a narrative and muse like structure to the work. Which can seem repetitive at times. Lovers of deep metaphors may wish for more exploration.

Overall an enjoyable read that poses a few questions and certainly leaves you demanding more varied reflections.

Poetry from the heart