Rendezvous by Melinda De Ross

Rendezvous by Melinda De Ross

3 stars

A reissue of the first book by this promising author shows the strengths and weaknesses that improve in her collection of stories.

A tale of reunited love intertwined with the paranormal is the concept that opens much interesting discussion for the reader to contemplate.

The story of the tortoise and hare came to mind as much of the plots are touched on with much speed to move to the finish.  Whereas as a slower in-depth pace would greatly enhance the story.

The author’s signature for later work are on full display with great dialogue and play by the love interests. However this play brings them together quicker than reality would seem to dictate. With the relationship of the characters moving at breakneck speed.

The author’s use of mimicking her lead characters in their animals and prolonging this sense of play is evident from the beginning. This style is another signature for later work. Bringing a comic relief and reflection of the characters to great effect.

The paranormal aspect of the story is quite a split from the beginning arch as it parks the romance to take centre stage.  Which disrupts the flow rather than maintaining it in another direction.

This side of the story is highly philosophical and raises a level of debate on life’s supernatural mysteries.  Due to the many different arguments this can take it is no surprise it causes a split in the story structure. The romance is briefly reintroduced towards the end to give the reader an answer to what happened the characters.

However a sense of two stories merged together is a lasting sensation. Personally the paranormal side had an almost X-Files™ intrigue of mystery and further sub-plots for further exploration.  This unfortunately made the characters seem secondary. With the introduction of the fascinating priest taking over proceedings.

An entertaining story of two halves that show a talent working to refine her style and useful to read if you are a follower of her work. Certainly worth a read and adding to your collection.