Golden Shadows by Amitava Mazumdar

Golden Shadows by Amitava Mazumdar

4 Stars

Poetry is complicated and too abstract for the general reader is a complaint often labelled. However in this impatient world there is something in being mystified and having to peel through layers of words.

A first read of this collection ended with a muted pause. Intriguing, well structured and not unnecessarily long or short. This is fine when thinking of it as a process. However poetry is multi-layered at best.

Therefore a reread was required. Believing there was some hidden message or sentiment became part of the mystery of this collection. For it was too nicely packaged.

Caught off guard by the speed at which this can be read, you notice subtle things when reading deeper.

An almost rebellious spirit with a sense of longing though having much imposed upon the poet strikes from the work. An almost caged anger sometimes occurs in the writing. An uncomfortable reference to implied enemy of the religion. A poem on cross dressing is delightful, but also a surprise considering the bulk of the work. Further uncomfortable though telling references in reflection of a brothel all play at wondering about the character of the poet.

Even taking a usual autobiographical route of poems and themes on love, spirituality there is much unsaid.

Poetry can be complex and abstract, with this collection patience will demystify.

Golden Shadows