Clarence: The Snake from Dunolly by Susan Day

Clarence: The Snake from Dunolly by Susan Day

4 Stars

Delightful tales about the adventures of a curious, youthful, naïve and playful snake. The author in a similar manner of child, explores her surroundings and uses fantasy to explain as well as to entertain.

Rebranding one of the deadliest snakes in the world into simple gentle loveable character is a testament to the writing. Helped in part by making the environment hazardous and at times threatening to the snake.

The sense of adventure constantly sought and reliance on the wise knowledge of his mother is well known dynamic for many a parent. This also plays to relate life lessons like being careful of strangers and avoiding dangers.

There is a sight repetitiveness to the stories, but this is similar to the demands that children display at times.

Educational aspects of environment and the animal kingdom are woven into the tales. For children the intended audience it will bring interest, entertain and even a few gentle scares. Certainly worth reading.

Clarence the snake