Blades & Vicious Smiles by Stoyko Rusev

Blades & Vicious Smiles by Stoyko Rusev

3 stars

There is a telling line in this often confused and overlapping collection of work: “For the readers that haven’t given up yet”.

Often muddled and trying to do too much is a constant theme with this book. It started well with a strong look at loneliness versed eloquently in poetry form. In between this reflection there is small hints at darker poetry.

Unfortunately this starts loses its flow with more introduction of filler poems and muses. This distorts much of the good ground that was previously laid before the reader.

Hoping for a better finish it moves on to thoughts that have a depressive state, but do not really add to the book. Finally short stories are added, which again do not build on the beginning.

As is often a common theme with such pieces of work, trying to mix different styles dilutes the enjoyment rather than enhancing it. Poetry selection, structure and flow are key elements for the poet to work on for future work.

The unforgiving tone of the poem ‘those hours’ is a way forward and also a sentiment the reader will feel taking in all the complexities of this book.

Yet as is often the case, if you do not give up from the confusing structure of this book there are some gems and noteworthy exploration that hint at promise.

Blades and Vicious Smiles