Love and Ink Vol.2: Reflections by Kiana Donae

Love and Ink Vol.2: Reflections by Kiana Donae

3 stars

This second collection is a continuation of the poet’s passions and life observations. Very similar with the first collection is a chance missed for a great piece of work.

This is mainly due to a weak beginning with some excellent poems in the middle that slowly loses momentum towards the end.

The beginning has a constant theme of muses that have an editorial feel on topics on black life and sexuality. The sentiments are admirable and agreeable, but do not essentially have strength in words.

The structure is telling as there is clutter and full paragraphs. Understanding this to be poetry it has that feel to deter from what you were expecting.

However from the poem ‘Fighting to Breathe’ a more traditional structure and poetic verse takes control. Which is not only welcome, but improves the content and in this section the poet appears to be at ease and almost playful.
A triumph is the energetic and delightful poem ‘The Enveloping’, which bounces with a musical excitement and appreciation for rhythm.

Unfortunately this fuller expression while sticking to the familiar themes started in beginning ends just as the reader is primed for more enjoyment.

Better pacing and poem selection will certainly ensure volume 3 shows the full talent of the poet. Moments of magic and some insightful reflections make this an interesting read leaving you waiting for more in all definitions of that word.

Love and Ink 2