Gold, Silver, and Bombs: The Phoenix Series Book 2 by Ted Tayler

Gold, Silver, and Bombs: The Phoenix Series Book 2 by Ted Tayler

4 Stars

A rather bleak alternative of the 2012 London Olympics and sub-plots surrounding topical stories of extremists at university campuses provide the backdrop for this story.

A black ops group have granted themselves free rein to deal with terrorist organizations as they see fit.

There is a particular arrogant and extreme view as they look to serve “justice”.  The stereotyping of foreigners and the scenarios that play in the beginning create an unease.  With both sides as ruthless as each other only those caught in the crossfire have my sympathies.

With such a picture portrayed for a long time in the first half of the story, I wondered if true human elements and psychology would be explored. Thankfully this comes later on, but I feel a deeper look earlier on may have been more beneficial to the story.

Some of the setup feels too easy in progressing the scenarios that appear. However everyday news stories have shown this is highly probable.

The mirrored love interests in both the terrorists and the operational group are interestingly naive in sentiment. Though touch the surface of some humanity in characters with low or confused morals.

The action and pace of the story move quickly to an obvious ending. The lack of someone to really route for leaves an interesting thought as the concept of a good and evil is blurred. Despite it seeming obvious to support this mysterious black ops group. Therefore the continuation of the series will be dependent on traditional protagonists and that human element.

In summary an entertaining story that while being believable could do with more belief.

Gold Silver and Bombs