Wandering Among the Stars by Wirton Arvel

Wandering Among the Stars by Wirton Arvel

3 stars

A common theme in today’s poetic world is appreciating the art and ensuring it still maintains a voice.

At the heart of this book is to express the poet’s and the poems journey. However as often is the case with such collections mixing statements (discussions) with the actual poetry weakens both.

There is a natural rhythm in poetry even without use of rhyme. Over-extended discourse certainly disrupts the enjoyment of poetry. While professing a love for poetry, more faith in it to stand alone would bring much benefit.

Focusing solely on the poetry, which seems to naturally occur as you progress through the book, leads to some enjoyable moments.

A heavy reliance on metaphors of dreams, skies and nature start well, but become overused after a while. There is a simple gentle nature to the writing, which some may be more willing to be forgiving for its repetition.

Taken in moderation and at a similar pace will find some of the treasures the poet is able to display.