The Bet (The Addison Series Book 2) by Erica M Christensen

The Bet (The Addison Series Book 2) by Erica M Christensen

4 Stars

The continued tale of Addison continues in this follow up to ‘The Kiss’. The true extent of the characters sickness with affairs of heart delight as multiple partners past and present play with her situation. At a deeper level her balance of needs from career, family and relationships give much food for thought as the themes are so common in today’s world.

If you identify or emphasize with the character you will definitely maintain the connection brought from the first book. Addison is very much a love her or hate her character due to her neuroses. The concept of the bet plays well as subtle metaphor of the characters angst. The line of male characters each play their part in underlining different aspects of her personality and force her to examine her state of mind.

Delightfully written in a fresh youthful style and more importantly leaves you longing for the next book.

The Bet 2