National Poetry Month – Poetic Inspiration

They often say poets are slightly dysfunctional with over stimulated senses. It is like being awake in a sea of creativity that threatens to drown us. Due to this sense it is rare to get writer’s block.

However the complexity of the creative mind demands questions of the source of the inspiration. A rather silly notion as the mind is the most unique of all, for inspiration is susceptible to interpretation. Though re-reading that sentence means my inspirations will be interpreted differently by each reader.

This the beauty of poetry and I wonder that its lack of popularity is due to the impatient nature of society to awaken its senses.

You are your writing is a common theme. My hopes, dreams, successes and failures. Especially my loves and pain have that strong emotional energy to seep into my writing.

Being a rhythmic poet, I play music daily without fail to ensure I am riding to some form beat. This forms an everlasting rhythm I can always tap into for the structure of a poem.

TV, Films and books grant me different concepts to contemplate for my interpretation for exploration.

Method acting is useful for changing my mindset and character to become someone else. Absorbing a subject or type of character for a few months will greatly change how I write.

The spiritual world can guide me through thoughts and take me to other places that is difficult to explain unless you believe in this concept.  At special times, I can will myself into a trance like state for the purposes of writing.

Of course the main inspiration is simply observation, noticing the slightest change in the world around forces the senses to investigate. From the emotion shown on a persons face to the way steam rises, you take it all in to swim in the sea of creativity.