The Nut House Poems by Darren Stein

The Nut House Poems by Darren Stein

4 Stars

Often poetry is at its best when the emotion of the poet is poured out onto paper or the poems strike strong feelings in the reader.

An autobiographical collection of the difficulties and fears in this collection raise the profile of mental health. This is a noble effort in itself, but with poetry being the main vehicle to display the work is of greater importance.

Dealing with dark periods of the poet’s life, reading the work in a certain mood can enhance or deflate your own emotions. With some interesting cultural background to the poet, there is a sense of mystery about his back story.

The poetry itself excels in tackling dark moods and suicidal thoughts. Social commentary is very prevalent towards the end of the collection as having come through the worse there is that usual pause for reflection.

In parts it can almost lean towards a sermon of muses, however this does not occur often to distract from the standard poetic structure. A particular favourite poem is ‘An April Fools Funeral’ that haunts and strikes with a powerful impact.

The first person narrative of the poetry helps to draw the reader into the poet’s world and if you wish to touch upon this then you will find an engaging collection.

Nut House