The Kiss by Erica M Christensen

The Kiss (The Addison Series) by Erica M Christensen

4 Stars

A very modern take on the romance book with a style of language that reads like a friend telling you the story with added emotions. The main ingredients are here with a woman suffering from shock that forces a rethink of her current life, self doubt angst’s and reminiscing about the lost chance of love.

The author certainly gets into the character and the turmoil that plays around her. The shift from her current lifestyle to longing and broken dreams is very identifiable. With a childlike naivety your support for the main character waivers then strengthens.

The length of the book makes it a fast ride and there is potential for it to have been explored in more depth. Though as this is part of series it seems more than likely the back story will come to play as the adventure of Addison continues.

The mirrored angst’s in Addison’s best friend is a delightful play that carries the story. Leading to a suitable end considering their individual hang ups.

A welcome read that hopefully grows as a series.

the kiss