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Grim Series: Poems by Kristine Ong Muslim

Grim Series: Poems by Kristine Ong Muslim

5 Stars

“The beauty of pain is in its execution”

A stanza from this dark series of poetry that is perfect to summarize the review of this collection. The haunting and unknown element to the poetry is what drives the writing. There is a continued theme of mystery and back story that works to add a real pause for reflection. Those moments when you reflect is when the true horror stands out.

Even more commendable is how the work stands out from the majority of poetry collections. Not only in theme, but in the craft of how it builds upon each poem. There are times when the magnitude of what may be occurring hits you hard instantly and then it may creep upon you following the continuation in another poem.

There are times it is brutally violent and often disturbing. However this is the beauty of poetry in exploring all elements of topics and subjects. Admirers of dark poetry will certainly be overjoyed and even those who prefer lighter poetry will have to welcome the skill on display.

A collection that is still on my mind for how it intrigues and the interesting technique shown.

Grim Series

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