Unfinished Business by Ted Tayler

Unfinished Business by Ted Tayler

5 Stars

It is a good sign to have a read sequel and be keen to read the first book straight afterwards. This was my first reflection upon finishing this book. For those who have a fondness for reality crime investigation shows there is an uncanny resemblance. The setup, layout would easily fit into such a programme, bar the ending that very much has a fictional take.

Despite the initial setup being slightly questionable for the killer come vigilante to run amok, the author takes you on a structured journey of the mindset of a organised murderer. My television reference concerns how these types of stories have been shown a thousand times, but we still have that voyeuristic nature to view more.

From the outset you are well aware of the journey that lies ahead and how this will conclude. With that in mind the author has a strong purpose to entertain on the path we have concluded. This is done well with the reasoning behind the killings, including the dynamics between the typical strong male hero and his weaker female character who becomes empowered along the way.

In parts you will become astonished by the ease of the crimes and the struggles of the police even though you are already prepared for the ending. However as the pace of the ending quickens and the shine of arrogance from the killer weakens. There is a sense of ease that dots joined together from the beginning have formed the picture you wanted.

Taking what at the end of the day is a straightforward tale and making it entertaining is no easy feet. For this alone I applaud the author and say to you the customer to make sure you take a look at his work.

Unfinished business