Unabridged by Melinda De Ross

Unabridged by Melinda De Ross 

5 Stars

Due to its popularity the Romantic Comedy novel is the more harder to get right. It relies heavily on conversation, emotions and empathy for the characters. The tales need a degree of fantasy mixed with reality. Even more importantly it needs to flow from beginning to end and have a draw like a daytime soap.

The author manages to combine all the elements above into a common tale of lost love. There is the classic Cinderella type theme in the delightful character of Angelina who rises from a poor upbringing to be a successful journalist. Despite her achievements she has sadness in the depth of her heart for a lost love by name of Blade. Blade is the atypical Prince Charming that seems unreal in his warm nature. Leading to an unlikely set up that is put together by a consistent flow of storytelling.

The tempo is very important, along with the minor cliffhangers on every chapter that have that TV show appeal. The author appears very aware that a quick read that pulls on desires and fantasy is the key to success with the story. The support characters are equally sentimental in value and the introduction of a darker nature only strengthens the ending.

In conclusion for those seeking to be transported to a common tale of love, this is an adventure worth reading.