The dVerse Anthology Voices of Contemporary World Poetry edited Frank Watson

The dVerse Anthology Voices of Contemporary World Poetry edited Frank Watson

4 Stars

An intriguing collection of poetry that requires slow absorption to truly appreciate the diversity of styles. Upon reflection what stands out for me is the strong narrative note of numerous poems that give an almost novel like feel. This is highlighted by poems that often veer into prose like format. Subtle hints of nature play theme in poems in ode to classic poetry with typical metaphors of the seasons. What makes this special is the careful selection of poems and different cultural influences. With poetry having a global audience it is refreshing to see work from outside the strong North American and Asia continents. The section of translations of German poems was of particular interest for the gentle pacing and high visual imagery. While reading you will potentially gravitate to certain poets and styles, however this does injustice to the purpose of the book. Therefore rather than listing my favourite poets and poems from the book, I suggest you begin from page 1 and enjoy a wonderful collection of world poetry.