Rembrandt’s Bible by Atari Hadari

Rembrandt’s Bible by Atari Hadari

4 Stars

What fascinates me about this collection is that you intentionally may be judgmental about what to aspect. Religious poetry and specific references to Judaism would potentially make this collection typecast for a very selective audience. Some basic understanding of religion helps to have a deeper meaning of the subjects and references made by the author. However what comes to light is the use of language and structured flow of the poems, which is universal for any reader to appreciate. There is a blend of strong narrative story telling that resembles parables, which is sometimes humorously entwined with a modern day background. Almost reminiscent of your favorite history teacher who makes an unwanted subject sound interesting. The sporadic selection of more deeper and sorrowful poems, help to bring a sense of balance to ensure this is not just religious satire. A particular favorite poem that captures the essence of the collection is ‘A Captain’s Wife in Egypt’ a blended poem with humor, ode to modern day fused with the past and ending on such a poignant reflective note. This approach shows off the talent of the author and reminds me how connected we can be to different cultures. On this note, I recommend you read and put judgments aside on religious and cultural poetry.

Rembrandts Bible