Poetic Outlets by Melica Niccole

Poetic Outlets by Melica Niccole

5 Stars

An impressive collection that flows with such a rhythm it is infectious. The start to any collection paves the way for the reader. The rhythmic beat that drums from the beginning is reminiscent of your favorite song. The poem Sophisticated Lady, being a suitable climax of the poet in full flow and enjoyment of her craft. I could not help, but smile as I read each stanza.

The collection then moves onto that age old theme of love. Which continues with the style the poet has chosen, but the rhythm changes pace like the emotion itself. This theme continues for a while and just as I was debating in my head how the poet would tackle more different or challenging subjects, along comes the poem Melica Wants To Know.

A powerful write about the debate of the American healthcare system. Though one-sided in its argument it does so in a compelling manner. As stated before this collection is like a song and unfortunately it has to reach an end. From the happy rhythmic beginning to the slowed down romantic middle it finishes with words for the soul.

An ode to the works of Michael Jackson is a last playful delight before the collection ends. Though the haunting poem Lost hits home the multi-talented nature of this poet. While delighting in her early words, this poem reminds us about the disconnection many feel in this world.

5 stars are dished out to freely these days in reviews, you could blame the app store for this as true great work has that something special that stays in the mind and changes your mind. This book is like my favorite song, well crafted and a tempo that brings joy.

Poetic Outlets