On the Verge by Tim Ellis

On the Verge by Tim Ellis

3 Stars

A book with such high ideals and an introduction of intrigue that sets up the readers levels of expectations, only to leave a want for much more. An environmental social narrative style collection of poetry is a much wanted change as a subject. However the constraints of the poet due to having to publish work found makes this particularly difficult to critique as the true writer is the creative force of this book.

Putting all this to one side, using the truck analogy the poem selection is weighed down by the trailer of off beat muses, when the real driving force is the more structured poetic rhyme and meter. When focused on a subject with traditional poetic techniques the work truly shines. The poems that are more muse like and simple outpourings to continue the story feel lost and confused. The overall metaphor of the unicorn and man’s misuse of its environment is a beautiful concept that flows throughout the book. Though personally I feel it is not tackled well as a single poem.

The middle section loses much focus and becomes clustered. Thankfully saved by a strong finish of poems that follow more structure, which helps not only in reading, but in gathering momentum.

The poet who has chosen this work shares a poem to provide a contrast to what has been read in the end, which makes the reader wonder if he interceded more from the beginning it would have a better journey.

It must be noted proceeds of purchase go to a charity, which is not a sole reason to buy the book. However it is notable in the overall theme portrayed in the writing.

On the Verge