Nadia’s Tears (Devia’s Children) by Julie C Gilbert

Nadia’s Tears (Devia’s Children) by Julie C Gilbert

3 Stars

In the sequel to Ashlynn’s Dreams (Devya’s Children) the continuing adventures of Jillian and the children with special gifts shifts focus to her sister Nadia. With sequels we may wish for a copy of the original or a continuation that expands the story to another level. After completion of this book, I personally enjoyed revisiting characters, but I had a sense my nostalgia was not fully met.

This due in part to the main crux of the story ending early and giving way to additional side stories, which though interesting have the capacity for greater expansion. The prolonged tension between Jillian and Dr Devya takes a backseat along with the philosophical debate from the first book.

The wise, secretive and brilliance of Nadia is on display though at times it is a game she too easily wins at times. Her lead in the story has the effect of weakening other characters, which unbalances the usual rapport. However, despite this frustration there are enough elements to make this an enjoyable read despite the weak ending. A book that requires the first to be purchased for better understanding and with enough potential to point at a stronger third if the author wished to continue the tale.

Nadia  Tears