My Poetic Soul Unleashed by Melica Niccole

My Poetic Soul Unleashed by Melica Niccole

4 Stars

From the melodic bounce and joy of her first book, the author returns with a deeper angst filled collection. In this collection you get more of an insight into what drives the author and her emotions are on full display for reflection. With such angst you can maintain a rhythm, but the tempo is much slower. It ebbs and flows with such a degree to hypnotize you into feeling the angst.

Not wishing to hold back on sharing her inner feelings, very personal revelations are revealed in her end note. This has the aspect of trying to create an emphatic understanding of what the author is using as a basis for her work. As the author states in Born to be Deep: “Born to be me, In other words, I was born to be Deep”

There are a few elements of play, but in general it is tour de force of discovery and hoping to instill inspiration in the reader and the author. Though missing the magic of her first book, this is a fitting continuation of her poetic journey.

Poetic soul unleashed