Meditations: New Poetry by Scott Hastie

Meditations: New Poetry by Scott Hastie

4 Stars

Sometimes when writing a review your emotional state comes to play and longing questions you have appear to be reflected by the words of an author. This comes into mind as this collection tackles the general mysteries of life and how we should tackle them truthfully.

Meditations is an apt title as the majority of the poems force a reflection. Poetically the pacing and descriptive language used in the poems flow effortlessly with ease. There is a strong motivational theme and with such a feel the collection ends before becoming too self-righteous to those with a low tolerance.

An advertisement for this collection could come from the excellent poem ‘A perpetual riddle of life’. A poem with the strength of a wise sage with a last line that describes the purpose of reading this collection ‘And thus makes our world anew, shower it with enlightenment never ending’.